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I do remember blogging.  Honest, I do!

I go through these periods of time when I blog regularly and feel so productive and happy, but those periods are inevitably followed by times of hecticness – either literal or mental – in which I blog not at all.  Rather, I don’t blog on the computer.  I am ALWAYS blogging in my head!  Nearly every day something happens that makes me think, “Now that would make a great blog title!” or “Oooh, it would really be fun to blog about that!”  But the time isn’t right (I’m standing on the bridge in the rain during my final lap. . . or I’m in the shower. . . or I’m driving – or being driven – down the road with Andrew. . . etc.) or I just don’t have time, and so it never happens.  Then, when I do get around to it. . . you know, my Aunt Mil gave me a “round to-it” when I was a kid; it was a cross-section of a tree limb, about an inch thick and four inches in diameter, with the word “TUIT” wood-burned into the surface and then varnished. . .  As I was saying, when I do get around to it, I feel guilty that I haven’t kept up, and I feel a need to go back to where I left off, but it’s too long ago, and I can’t remember what I was going to say, and I regret that that memory is now lost and won’t be written about, and I get discouraged, so I don’t write anything, and then the next day it’s all worse!

So today, I am going to just say, for the sake of saying SOMETHING, that I am really, really thankful that my mom is OK.  A few days ago, she suddenly lost consciousness in Wal-Mart, collapsed, and landed hard on her back and head, giving herself a concussion.  After an ambulance ride, a couple days in the hospital, and an awful lot of tests to try to figure out why she had this very scary episode, it was determined that she is almost old (well, she’ll officially be old in a few weeks).  She also has some rather complicated heart issues that can’t actually be corrected, but that mean that her heart works very hard and can’t keep up when her brain requires extra blood.  Now, while there is certainly nothing humorous about her situation, one does wonder what exactly it might be about the meat department at Wal-Mart that could require extra blood flow to the brain.  Anyway, Mom is home now and recovering, with instructions to take it easy, avoid certain positions that send extra blood to her legs, and see her cardiologist again in ten days.

I am also thankful for my amazing husband, our four wonderful children, and a great place to live.

I am not thankful that I am hopelessly unable to beat my amazing husband at Ticket to Ride.

I will blog again soon.  Without feeling guilty.


1 Response to “Recent news”

  1. 1 dchilds October 12, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    I could have written this post myself. Except that I DID beat my husband (and son) at Ticket to Ride today.

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