To the little mountain

I do so love to blog, but there are seasons when life seems to fly by too quickly to allow me time to write, and it seems that almost by definition, those “speedway” times are always packed full of the very experiences that make excellent blog fodder.  Sigh.  It’s just too bad that I have to choose between living life and writing about it – the frequent result being that I only find myself with time to write long after a noteworthy event occurred, and thus have a hard time remembering all the details and piecing them together in a fairly coherent manner.  Ah, the challenges of being a writer who lives fully!  However, this definitely beats the alternative:  itching to write, but having nothing interesting to say.

And now, because I don’t ever want to forget how wonderful it was, I shall at least give some highlights of my visit with Katie a couple weeks ago.

Friday night, I got to see Josiah, and it was so great!  I do miss that guy.

He was sporting casual garb (shorts, T-shirt, one crew sock, one ankle sock, and tennis shoes), and since this meeting preceded his most recent shearing, he did indeed look rather llama-like.  We ate at Subway, endeavored to play ping-pong (a sport that is especially good for conversation) but found the lights off and folks watching a movie in that lounge; attempted to play racquetball (a sport that is fun but unfortunately totally precludes conversation) but found the court closed due to a recent floor re-finishing project; and so took our borrowed equipment (one racquetball, two racquetball racquets, and one tennis racquet) out to the tennis court(!!!), where we conclusively proved that, when unimpeded by walls and launched at dusk with either a racquetball or a tennis racq1uet, a blue racquetball will bounce to an impressive height, travel a great distance, and be virtually impossible to see with the naked eye.

It should be further noted that just prior to that conducting that proof, somewhere in the bowels of BHC, we had met Dr. Spinney who had just completed his workout.  He was gracious as always and appeared quite pleased to see a quorum of the Roberts family all at once.  He was speaking highly of his recently-acquired indentured servant, our very own Stingray, who is providing some teaching assistance to him this semester.  I do respect that man.

I slept on a perfectly inflated air mattress on the floor of Katie’s room with a small blue fan blowing directly onto my face, and despite the fact that warm air does indeed rise from a first floor to a second floor bedroom, the whole arrangement was delightfully comfortable.  I enjoyed reading myself to sleep with The Phantom Tollbooth.

We were well-prepared to head out early Saturday morning for our mystery day trip.  Now, I was very curious about this, but I had not figured out our destination.  I knew it was a two-plus hour drive away.  I knew we would be both outside and inside.  I knew we wanted to get there (wherever “there” was) early enough to have time to wander around before our commitment at 2:00 PM.  I knew I was supposed to bring a small bag of no larger than certain very specific dimensions.  Other than that, I knew nothing, but I knew it was going to be great!

However, even before we could get on the road, I saw a long metal pipe and a big stick on the ground next to Katie’s car.  someone had vandalized several cars in her complex’s parking lot, and Katie’s rear view mirror had been smashed.  For no reason!!!  Aarrgghh!!!  There was no other damage, the car wasn’t broken into, and nothing was stolen, but it looks to be about a $350 repair, and that truly makes like a vacuum.

Leaving the mirror for the police and leaving the scene of the crime, we refused to be deterred.  We drove and drove and drove through the lovely countryside that is northern Virginia, and at long last I saw a small sign with the word “Monticello” on it  Oh, my!  I was so stunned and so overwhelmed that I started crying!  We were going to Monticello. . . and a few minutes later we arrived at The Actual Place!

It was all quite amazing.  I learned a lot about Mr. Jefferson, including why he was at one point in his life temporarily without books.  I loved the grounds, the garden (WOW!), the flowers, the house, the furnishings, and the amazing inventions.  What a mind that man had.

We had a very full day, and just after arriving back home, it rained like crazy while we played “Ticket to Ride,” and don’t even get me started on that!  That game is certainly worth its own blog post.

I got to go to church with Katie, and then I began my somewhat challenging trip home.  That trip – at least the part in the Dallas airport – is also worth its own post, but that shall have to wait.  So many words; so little time.  = )






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