Sweet deception

Five years ago, I started losing weight, and I kept losing weight until about a year ago, at which time I had lost a total of 40 pounds.  My weight has stayed the same for the past year.

Three years ago, I bought some dress pants that fit at the time (size 24), but by a year ago, they were a size too big (I really needed a 22).  They’ve been too big for a year and I’ve worn them anyway, because although I have looked all over for replacements, I haven’t found any in a fabric I like that will actually fit my size and shape.  Until a few weeks ago, when I saw some at JustMySize.com that seemed to have potential.

As instructed, I carefully measured my pertinent body parts and ordered two pairs – one black and one navy – in the size thusly indicated (as expected, 22).  The pants arrived and they were too big, but I wasn’t sure how much too big.  I sent them back and re-ordered a black in size 20 and a navy in size 18.  These pants arrived and the black pair (20) was too big, but the navy pair (18) fit just right.  I sent back the black 20s and ordered a black 18, which should arrive in a week or so.

But here’s the deal.  I know good and well that I am absolutely not a size 18!!  A year ago, I was a 22 and I haven’t changed a bit, so I’m sure I’m still a 22, but the makers of pants have evidently decided that I would feel better about myself if I wore a size 18, so they have taken a fine pair of pants that used to be called a 22 and are now calling it an 18.

Well, they are right.  I do feel better, but I also know it’s all really an elaborate lie. It’s difficult for me to reconcile this.  In many areas of life I am working hard to understand, believe, speak, and act on only the TRUTH, so admitting the fact that I am pleased to wear a lie is somewhat disconcerting.  I call this “sweet deception,” and I think I shall dig out and enjoy a piece of taffy in honor of it.


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