Jeopardy question: What is 21?

Answer:  The number of chigger bites required to form a complete “ankle bracelet” on my right leg.

In the interest of symmetry, I am pleased to report that a similar, but somewhat smaller collection of 15 bites roughly encircles my left ankle, and other lone bites are strategically positioned on my wrist, behind my knees, on both calves, in an unreachable area below one shoulder, and adorning various sections of my torso.

I crave sandpaper and scalding hot water.  1% hydrocortisone cream is my friend.

Despite all this, I do love to learn, and so I am curious.  Did it take 21 different chiggers all working in tandem (“OK, troops, on the count of three, everyone chow down!”) to create this bio-sculpture, or did one extra-hungry chigger simply take 21 bites, all about 3/16″ apart?

No regrets; it was still a great hike!  = )


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