What a nephew!

Last week, our nephew, Christian, came from North Carolina to spend some time with us and attend a one-week Christian (no pun intended) camp with Andrew at Kids Across America.  Christian is 15 and was adopted by Scott’s sister, Kristy, last year.  He is – like all of us – a unique fellow.  He and Andrew spent some time at Silver Dollar City (on what had been the hottest day of the year to that point) and another half day at White Water (where they both favored the KaPau Plummet slide – the one where the floor suddenly drops out from under you and you basically free fall down through an enclosed tube – a slide I would not go on for $1000 dollars!)  We also went swimming at Big Rock, where a horse fly harassed Christian mercilessly.  “We don’t have horse flies in North Carolina.  And since I’m not a horse, why is he after me?!?!”

Christian is big into eating (cereal at any time, watermelon when available) and sleeping (in the car, on the couch, under the desk, on his bed, at the breakfast table, really anywhere).  When he’s asleep, only an earthquake will wake him.  He has a fun sense of humor and a good attitude around the house.

The camp they attended is designed for inner city youth and there were some 200 such kids there. . . plus Andrew.  = )  It was a real eye-opener for him.  His very first words to me when they got back were, “Mom, thank you for not being a crack-head, a drug dealer, an alcoholic, or dead.”  Both guys seemed to have a good time at camp, and they were very talkative to Scott all about it in the car on the hour-long drive home.

His trip out here was Christian’s first time to fly, and not only did he have a connecting flight to catch at Chicago’s O’Hare, he had to change airlines and terminals!  With a short layover on the arriving leg.  He managed it OK, but said he had been frustrated in Chicago because his boarding pass said “A” (concourse?) and “They don’t have an “A” there, so I kept going in circles!”  His suitcase was painted to look like a soccer goal – very colorful and distinctive – and when we went to the American counter to sign him in and check his bag for his return flight, the ticket agent said, “Hey!  I remember that bag!  I remember seeing it when it came in, and I see a LOT of bags!”  Then, to his colleague, “Hey, look at this bag!”  To which the co-worker said, “Oh, yeah, I remember that bag when we unloaded it.”  Pretty funny.  I would think it’s pretty hard to have your suitcase leave an impression on an airline employee, but Christian did it.

Now that Christian has returned home, we’re getting back into a more scheduled routine.  Andrew’s doing his 10th grade schoolwork with a good attitude – so far – despite the fact that it’s a heavy load that requires a lot of time.  Today he cleaned the church, did school, did some house cleaning here for Scott’s men’s group meeting tonight, did more school, went to worship practice, and did more school.  Now he’s relaxing with an episode of “Duck Dynasty” and a bowl of cholocate chip cookie dough ice cream.

I am relaxing by blogging.



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