Magic phone

I am adjusting well to my new smart phone, and as much as I hate to admit it, I really do like it.  = )  It is sleek and can do a lot of things that may eventually prove helpful and even essential.  Right now, I am limiting myself to making and receiving phone calls, checking voicemail (hmm. . . do I even remember how to check voicemail?), and sending and receiving texts.  I have ordered a case for the phone and a travel charger, all for a total of $12.  When they arrive, I will find out whether or not  I only got what I paid for.

In other phone-related news, although I have set water drinking alarms on my new phone and turned my old phone off and stashed it in my desk, it still makes aquatic sounds every hour on the hour.  I am not sure how it can do that!  With the new one, I need to turn it off whenever I’m not using is, so that it will stay charged all day, but with the old one, I just left it on all day and connected it to the charger at night.  I thought I would have to take the battery out of it to get it to shut up, but it’s such a creative (but not smart) phone that I figured that even with the battery gone, it would probably find a way to remind me to drink water.  So. . . I turned it on, silenced it, and turned it back off, and voila!  No water alarms from the desk drawer.  It is gratifying to know that I am still smarter than my phone – at least my old one.


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