Suppan word of the day

Die-hard Cardinals fans will surely remember pitcher Jeff Suppan from the 2006-ish era; (era not, of course to be confused with his 4.12 ERA that year) and his now-infamous “word of the day” tradition.  I, too like to learn new words.  I already know quite a few words, and since I am not actually seeking out fresh ones each day and since I’m not reading erudite tomes regularly – or ever! – it’s not all that often that I come across unfamiliar vocabulary.

Today I did.  I receive a daily email devotional – and by the way, let me just go on record as saying that I heartily disapprove of pretending that adjectives (“devotional,” “chiropractic,” etc.) are nouns – which I usually don’t make time to read in the morning when it arrives.  Instead, I glance at it, and if the topic interests or convicts me, I save it labeled “READ ME” and leave it in my in-box.  Then, every week or so, I work from the bottom up and read them, oldest first.  That explains why the one I read today was dated June 30.

Anyway, the title of that devotional was “Prevenient Pursuit and Grace,” and I had never before seen or heard the word “prevenient.”  I assumed it was a typo, but no, and I didn’t even need to look it up because in the third paragraph of his treatise, the author defined it for me:  “The word prevenient means “to come before.””  Ah, yes!  That would make sense (and it would remind me that, sad to say, I never did use those Rummy Roots cards with any of our kids; a small regret in my homeschooling journey).  This word is obviously of Latin derivation, with the “pre” meaning “before” and the root “veni” being some form (first person singular?) of a verb that means “to come.”  That then reminded me that my dad used to quote somebody famous – maybe Julius Caesar? – who said, “Veni, vidi, vici:”  “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  That, NOT the fact that I studied Latin for three trimesters in my freshman year of college, is why I know what “veni” means.  = )  Of course, that may be one of the only two Latin sentences my dad knows, but when I was a kid, he used to occasionally throw out some phrase or term from his education, which, at the time, made me think he was brilliant (and he is!), and which now makes me smile (a beneficial activity, for sure!).  Another one he’d say was “Amo, amas, amat,” which I think is the. . . hmm, what would it be?. . . oh, Katie, correct me if I’m wrong. . . singular Latin conjugation of the verb “to love?”  “I love, you (singular) love, he, she or it loves?”

So, prevenient.  To use it in a sentence, “I suppose the eggshell post was prevenient to this one.”  Furthermore, I am officially entitled to feel smart tonight, because the several red squigglies in the previous paragraph indicate that even the Well-Informed WordPress doesn’t know what prevenient means, but I do!


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