Dumb phone?

Tonight, Scott decided it would be fun to try to find me a phone.  This came about because the softball tournament that was supposed to occur tonight – in which we expected the Promise Keepers supposed to win their 7:30 game, play at 8:30, win their 8:30 game, play at 9:30, and win their 9:30 game – was rained out.  MAJOR bummer for Scott, for me, and for Andrew.  But not as much of a bummer as Yadi’s eight-to-twelve weeks on the DL.  Sigh.  So we were looking for some little recreational activity, and shopping online for a phone seemed just the thing.

Now, this is somewhat humorous, because last September, Scott asked Katie to research phones for me.  Which she did.  But nothing was done with that information for a number of months.  Until he asked her to research phones for me.  Which she did.  But nothing was done with that information for a number of months.  Until he asked her to research phones for me.  I think that time, she respectfully suggested that he look at the research she had done twice before.  Which he did.  but no phone was purchased.

So tonight, I said, “PLEASE don’t ask Katie about phones for me!”  But I think perhaps he did. . .

Anyway, we went to the AT&T site, the amazon site, the Consumer Reports site, craigslist, and some other places, and here’s what we learned.

1.  It is possible to buy the kind of phone I want.  Ideally, this would be a phone that makes and receives phone calls, has a ten-key pad with buttons (keys) that are large enough to be seen by the naked eye, accepts my micro-SD card, and is emphatically NOT a flip phone.  I don’t like that a flip phone requires two-hands, and I don’t want to look like Captain Kirk.

2.  All seven phones in the western hemisphere that meet ONLY the above specifications are flip phones.

3.  One can buy a phone just like my current Samsung Evergreen but without the slide-out keyboard (which I have never used) and without a U.S. warranty for $100.  This phone does not require a data plan.

4.  One can buy a “go-phone” which may meet my specifications for something like $150.

5.  One can buy an iphone, which has a touch screen (that I don’t want), a qwerty keyboard (that I don’t want), a required data plan for internet access (that I don’t want), and 4,658 additional features (that I don’t want) for about $230.

Frankly, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a phone.  I want a little thing that will make phone calls, send texts, and fit in my pocket.  I do NOT want a personal computer, a camera, a washing machine, or a tractor-trailer rig in my pocket.  If I drop it, I don’t want it to break.  O, for my rugged Nokia!  I don’t want to worry if it gets scratched by my keys.  I like a cheap phone.

Scott does not want me to have a cheap phone.

Scott wants us to each have the same kind of phone!  Never mind that we have not had the same kind of phones ever.  He is probably going to eventually get an iPhone, and he wants me to have one like his, so he can (more easily?) teach me how to use it, but at this, I had to draw the line.

I am extremely fond of My Hero, and our marriage is great and getting better.  If there is one thing I have learned in 26+ years of marriage, it is that Scott teaching me technical things is NEVER easy, fun, or wise.  Au contraire, that is a surefire recipe for stress, strife, and anger.  I told him that he can buy for me any kind of phone he wants, but I will either wait for Katie to teach me how to use it or obtain an owner’s manual and teach myself!


Basically, after all the frustration of our searching, I think we both:

a)  decided to put off  the phone purchase for a while  = )

b)  have a deeper appreciation for all Katie’s research!

Meanwhile, I will continue with my “Can you hear me NOW?” questions when phoning and my Statue of Liberty imitation when texting.





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  1. 1 jmlredstops4jesus July 14, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Yea, Molina’s D.L. stint is…dare I say, heart-breaking, but at least the Cardinals are only 1 game back! The silver-lining is dim, but it’s there none-the-less.

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