The black rat snake MUST. . .

go UP!

Scott’s desk lives in the corner of our office on the second floor.  When he sits (or kneels) at his desk, there are solid windows at least four feet across looking out into the back yard, and to his right more windows overlook the side yard.  When we bought the house, he declared that that room would be the office because he liked all that light.

Scott had been working from home up there yesterday, while I was reading to Andrew down in the living room.  Suddenly, we heard footprints on the stairs.  Scott strode past pretty quickly and said, grinning, “Looks like we’ve got another climbing snake!”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” said his wife with alarm.  “What do you mean?!?”

“I was sitting at my desk and there’s a black rat snake curling around right outside my window!”

“You think it’s the same one?  Surely it’s the same snake.”

“I don’t know.  It looked smaller.”

He and Andrew went out back to see if they could spot it from the ground, but no success.  They came back in.

Trying not to panic, I asked, “What are we going to do about that?!?  I mean, if it’s that far upon the house, it could probably get in some crack or the other. . . or even get up into the attic! . . . and then it could come down, and . . . oh, Scott, I do NOT want a snake in the house!”

My Hero made no reply to that, but I’m fairly sure he doesn’t want a snake in the house, either.  He later told me the snake had been looped up, moving back and forth some, at the place where the aerial electrical wire drapes from the house over to the smokehouse.  Nobody saw him again the rest of the day.

I will say that now, every time I see anything long and black lying anywhere in the house – be it a cable, a wire, a belt, or a dress sock – I do a double-take.




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