“Driver, when you’re clear. . . “

The riding lawn mower’s drive belt kept falling off.  The mower didn’t care much about this, but we surely did.  It meant that Scott and Andrew were out there trying to get the belt back on about as many times as they were trying to get water heater lit.  (And BTW, my shower was hot this morning!)

The mower had been serviced at a cost a couple months ago, right before mowing season started, so Scott used our handy-dandy trailer to take it back to the guy who worked on it.  We’re kind of proud of that trailer.  We are the only people in Taney County who live in the country – our neighborhood is probably more accurately described as a “semi-rural area” – without owning a truck.  After eighteen years, we still don’t own a truck (although the Durango can certainly do the work of a truck), and without a truck, one does end up borrowing trailers rather frequently.  Scott got tired of that and so bought a trailer.  It’s very nice and even has its own license plate.

The mower was ready to be picked up in the southern part of the county, and with Scott out of town, it fell to Andrew (the chauffeur) and me (the navigatrix and commentator) to go pick it up.  And since the small engine repair is onlyl a coule miles from the home of our friends who had borrowed one of our kayaks, we decided to save them the trip and go pick it up, as well.

Here are all the things I did NOT do:

Back up the Durango to the trailer, without running over or otherwise damaging anything

Hook the trailer to the Durango and make sure all connections were secure

Check all the lights

Collect ratchet straps and bungee cords

Drive to the repair shop

Secure the mower on the trailer

Drive to the friends’ house, parking along the street

Load the kayak and paddle into the back of the Durango

Back(!!) the trailer into their driveway to turn the Durango around *

Drive home

Unload the mower and put it away

Unload the kayak and paddle and put them away

Disconnect the trailer from the Durango

Park the Durango in the driveway

WHAT A GUY!!!  I told him it’s like having Scott around, this capable and good-natured young man!  Not only does he drive well, he parks, backs up, loads and unloads well, too.  = )

* There’s a little humor here.  Our friends live on a “no outlet” street.  They live in the third (I think) house on the right, and you can’t see the end of the street from there.  We don’t go there very often, and most of the time it’s either to borrow kayaks or return them, sometimes with a camper in tow, and sometimes with a trailer in tow; rarely with just a regular, single vehicle.  We’ve never actually been to the end of their road, so we don’t know if there’s a cul-de-sac there or if if the road just dead-ends.  We go to great lengths (8- points turns and such) to get ourselves turned around and out of there, because if we take a trailer to the end of the road and it dead-ends, how on earth will we ever get out of there?  Someday, I need to either drive down there in a regular car and look, or humble myself and call or text my friend and ask.



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