Two hours after Andrew’s grand lighting success, the pilot was out again.  Sigh.  While I was thankful that I had gotten a hot shower, I was displeased, to say the least, that that silly thing wouldn’t stay on.

Throughout the day, at my request, Andrew descended into the depths to spend five or ten minutes trying to light the feisty thing.  No go.

This evening, we had decided we’d go to Kohl’s and let him spend his birthday gift cards.  The guy is in desperate need of clothes, since he’s growing like crazy (5’10” and climbing) and hasn’t bought clothes in a while.  He owns one pair of shorts that fits and is in good enough shape to wear in public.  His T-shirts are holey and too short.  You get the idea.

After I agreed that I’d take him to Kohl’s, he mentioned that he still had some money on a Wendy’s gift card, so he would like to buy us supper out.  I was great with that idea.

I had been down at the creek this afternoon and was all sweaty, but with the pilot light on the water heater out, I knew it was going to be invigorating.  I asked Andrew to PLEASE try one more time while I was showering.  He sighed (a justifiable response, for sure!), and I told him that if he could get the burner to run, I would pay for supper.  The guy trotted exuberantly down, and as I finished my shower – which was plenty warm, I guess because we had used very little hot water all day – he hollered through the vent, “I DID IT!!!”  When I asked him how, he said, “I prayed, and it lit!!!”  Very cool indeed.  Or, preferably, very hot.  Amen.


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