My tumbling lesson

Andrew’s had a nearly two-month break from tumbling.  First, there was a two-week or so break at the Y.  Then our older kids were coming home, and the reunion was coming up, and those things were priority over tumbling classes, so I didn’t sign him up for the early May to mid-June session.  It didn’t make sense to spend the money when he would only be able to attend one or two out of eight classes (and you have to pay for the whole session up front).

The mid-June to late July session started last week, but Andrew had a cleaning that day and couldn’t go, so today was his first day back tumbling in quite a while.  There are only two other girls in his class, Alexis and Jasmine, and although Andrew has the capability to be a better tumbler than either of them (one to two years ago, his skills were quite good, but while he’s gained some strength since then, he’s also lost some flexibility and “cleanness” of execution), today they both surpassed him on skills that used to be relatively easy for him.

I think he was probably embarrassed to be “shown up” by two girls, and he dealt with it by clowning around – somersaulting out of failed skills, rolling on the mat, laughing at mistakes of his that weren’t funny.

In the car driving home, he said, “Well, Mom, this just showed me how REALLY out of shape I am!”  I am hopeful that that realization will motivate him to stretch, run, and work out some between classes, and to show those girls in the coming weeks what he’s really made of.

I learned that in some ways I am not so different from Andrew.  If I let a certain discipline or habit slide for a while, I will be less proficient when I return to it.  A big component of success is simply being consistent, day in and day out, whether I feel like it or not.  This applies to exercise, Bible reading, eating, writing, de-cluttering, and working on relationships, just to name a few.  So, thanks to tumbling, I am motivated to KEEP GOING on the things that I care about so I can continuie to USE the skills I have and not lose them.


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