Not a fan?

Scott is working through a book and/or DVD called Not a Fan.  I can think of several things of which I am not a fan.  These would include Quicken 2014, emptying the dishwasher, checking algebra, rodents that are not outside, and meetings of all kinds.

On the other hand, I am a fan of hot showers.  I had one of those this morning, and it was exquisitely wonderful.  Hot showers are assumed to be the norm, but for the past couple days – perhaps coincidentally since our main water heater was drained two days ago – my showers have been luke-cold to downright invigorating.  It’s really quite amazing how quickly one can shower, shave, and shampoo when one has sufficient motivation. My habit of late has been to shower immediately after exercising, while I am still hot and sweaty.

Actually, the second day, just a couple hours after my cold shower, we got our hot water back, and it stayed hot at least through Andrew’s lunch clean-up. . . but then by bedtime it was out again.  The pilot just wouldn’t stay lit, and Scott made many trips to the cellar to re-light it.  However, after many attempts and much analysis, The Brilliant One figured out (remembered?) that there’s a re-set button on the water heater.  He disconnected the electrodes to said item, re-connected them, and voila!, the pilot finally lit!  It has stayed lit for over a day now, and I am encouraged.

I’m pretty sure that if I get hot showers two days in a row, I’ll be ready to move on to something more significant to be a fan of.



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