Two headed monster

My first pastor was fond of saying that anything with two heads is a freak.  This is generally true, except perhaps in softball.  Tonight the Promise Keepers played a double-header with Living Word Church from Branson West.  We played at Stockstill on the far field at 8:30 and on the near field at 9:30.

Hank wasn’t always right, but he was far better than either of the umps we had tonight!  (BTW, it looks like none of the umps from previous years are refereeing this year, and that is a sad thing.)  The first game, we had a guy who not only liked his strikes very high, but also couldn’t tell when a runner was out.  It got pretty intense, guys on both sides were pretty steamed, and we lost that one.

The second game started out better.  We got off to a good lead, and the ump was, if not great, at least better than the first guy.  However, there were a number of questionable calls, which seemed to favor the opposing team.  Scott’s not coaching this year, and Matt, who is, and who is generally fairly level-headed, had had a lengthy conversation with the first game ump right after that game.  In the second game, there was a controversy, (I think it was a play involving their runner plowing into Scott at 3rd and whether or not Scott did or didn’t get out of the way), and Matt got in the ump’s face, to the point that I feared he might get thrown out of the game.  Scott had to get in between them and walk Matt away to try to calm him down.  This while Trey kept saying, “Let’s play ball, guys!  Let’s not argue.  Let’s have fun!”  = )

We were up nine to two going into the last inning, but they batted last and managed to tie it.  Ugh.  With tempers high all around, we upped it to twelve to nine, and by the skin of our teeth we held them to eleven runs and finally made our third out.  Whew!  So we split the double-header, and hopefully there were no freaks.




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