Time, times, and half a time

I’m still here.  really.  I took a little blogging hiatus mainly because a health issue made life difficult for a while, but I am much better now – actually back to about 90% strength and climbing.  = )

One of my biggest challenges is time management.  It’s gratifying to know that people read what I write, but the truth is that I don’t blog for my readers.  I blog because it’s fun and relaxing and energizing to me – and because I want there to be some record of the interesting stuff that goes on in our lives.  As my neighbor with the pet turkey who sometimes roams the neighborhood likes to say, “It’s never dull in the ‘Shade!”

I’m in a curious season of life.

Two and-a-half of our kids have moved out.  Unfairly, it takes just as long to cook for three as it did for six.  That takes time.

Tourist season is upon us, and thankfully that means that Roberts Vacation Rentals is in full swing.  Since Andrew helps clean two of the houses, it also means he is frequently gone for most of the day.  This puts me home alone a lot – which is wonderful in one way, but it also means that Yours Truly is now responsible for most of the housework around here, and you’d be totally amazed at how frequently dishes need to be washed, floors need to be swept and mopped, laundry needs to be done, and bathrooms need to be cleaned.  All that stuff takes time.

Scott and I are actively working on improving our marriage, and that takes time.

Andrew has lots of places to go – worship practice, homeschool co-op, piano lesson, tumbling class – and even though we’ll switch seats next month, I’ll still “take” him to and from all those activities.  That takes time.

I have several church responsibilities, and they take time.

Andrew does most of his schoolwork independently, although with biology, which he started today, I am reminded that for one of our kids it did work best for me to do daily biology “lectures.”  That was a first for me; it meant I actually had to read the book, too!  Even though I’m down to one homeschooling kid, for whom I need to (prepare biology lessons?), check math and writing assignments, do long- and short-range academic planning, and do record-keeping, it still takes time.

I am continuing to work on personal growth stuff, and reading and discussing and processing issues and principles takes a lot of time.

We like to do fun things as a family – notably right now for the three of us kayaking and playing “Dominion” – and carving out availability for family activities takes time.

I’ve been doing a bit of contractual editing work, which I truly love.  It takes time.

I need time alone to think and I treasure time alone with God.  Those both take. . . um. . . time.

When I do find myself with 30 minutes or an hour free, I think, “Hmmm. . . what could I do with this time?” and “What should I do with this time?” and finally “What will I do with this time?”  I’d really like to write more, but since I only do it for fun, I tend to push it farther out and hold it as a reward – as in, “When I get the checklists printed and Scott’s lunch made and Andrew’s math checked and the life group ladies contacted, then I will treat myself to a little writing time!”

To write, more, I have to figure out which of the above to do less, and in my black-and-white way of viewing things, they all seem to be pretty important, but I’m still here, and I’m going to stop writing now, so I can go play.

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