More amazing weather

It’s been a tough season for church services.  Sunday morning service has been cancelled  either three or four times, and Wednesday night at least once.  This is a total bummer for a lot of reasons, but the wonderful thing has been the cause of the cancellations:  SNOW!!!

Saturday, March 8 – We left Georgetown, Colorado in a foot of snow.

Tuesday, March 11 – We took our first kayak run of the season at home in 75 degree weather.

Sunday, March 15 – It snowed steadily at home for five hours, with a two-inch accumulation.

This morning I could not walk my standard four laps because the bridge, which is smack dab in the middle of my path, was icy, and its shoulders (where I walk) were completely iced over.  Instead, I had to walk over to the bridge and back eight times, which was not nearly as fun.  Then I took Andrew to work and we had to wait uncommonly long long for his boss to arrive, so when I got back home, things were beginning to melt.  But I parked below the bridge and walked very carefully up to the center of it (by then the driving lanes were fine, but the upstream shoulder was still solid ice because it’s in the shade) to get some pictures of the creek surrounded by snowy trees.  That kind of scenery is rare and precious around here.

Now it’s 4:00 PM, 58 degrees, and there’s no evidence that it ever snowed at all.  When I told Andrew it had been two inches deep here this morning, he said, “No way!” I assured him it had been, and he said that at the house he was cleaning, twenty minutes SOUTH of here, it had been four inches deep!  Very uncommon, but it makes sense because I heard on the TV weather report that Harrison (some 45 minutes south of here) had reported four to six inches of snow!  I’m sure the Harrisonites are rejoicing greatly.

Of course, it is not possible to have too much snow.  I am sighing with great contentment (“Ahhhh!”) because I think my snow “battery” is now fully charged.  My guess is that it won’t snow again here this season, but if it does, I will be smiling.


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