Day 7 – in which I squeal with glee


This morning, when I went out to walk about 8:00 AM, it was snowing just barely discernible flurries.  Within fifteen minutes, it was snowing HARD!  What joy!  This was our day to stay home, rest, relax, enjoy Georgetown, and do nothing in a significant way, before heading home tomorrow.  We knew that snow was forecast today; an 80% chance, but while one forecast had it staying cold enough for snow, another forecast said it would turn to rain about 10:00 AM.  Yuck.  I much preferred the first.

I had an absolutely wonderful time walking in the snow, and by the time I got back to the house, much of the ground was covered.  The boys slept in, Scott and I relaxed together, and it kept snowing!  Hard!  Later in the morning, I couldn’t stand being inside any longer, so I walked to the post office (four short blocks away) to mail some post cards.  It was snowing HEAVILY by then, and it was maybe three inches deep.  Glory!

On the way back from the post office, I stopped at the library, simply because I hadn’t been there yet, and after all, who can resist a small-town library?  = ) This one is particularly charming and fun to me, and as a bonus, a sign next to the door said, “Book Sale.”  That, of course, did it for me.  In I went, and straight down to a massive book sale in the lower level.  I did find four items of interest, which I purchased for a total of $3.00.  Fun, fun, fun!

As I walked back home with a bag of books under my arms, I continued to take pictures.  Snow-laden evergreens just do something powerful for me.  I did slip once, but didn’t fall (there’s quite a bit of ice under all that snow), and back at the house, survey said the snow was probably four or five inches deep.

It’s not just snow; it’s a glorious, heavy, large-flaked snow that is simply pristine in this mountain town.  I am so happy!!!

Scott and I went out in the early afternoon for a walk, during which we finally bought the elusive framed John Wayne print for our cowboy-themed vacation rental.  (That’s another story.)  We also stopped by the Mountain Girl Bakery, which smelled WONDERFUL, and got a loaf of raspberry cinnamon bread.  Yum.

On that return, the snow was clearly over six inches deep, and I just kept exclaiming over and over, “Look!  It’s SO beautiful!  God has given me all this snow as a special gift on our final day here!!!”  It was all I could do to keep from flapping with joy.  And sometimes I didn’t keep from it!

The heavy snow has continued all day long.  Scott and I went out for another long walk around 5:15 PM.  We went down Main Street all the way to the Visitor Center and back up to “downtown” and wandered several blocks there.  The snow is still coming down as I type this at 7:00 PM, and the forecast says we are under a winter storm warning till 2:00 AM!

Right now, we estimate that the snow is ten inches deep.  I have never seen such heavy snow in such a gorgeous place, ever.  In fact, I told Scott earlier today that I think this has been the best morning of my life!!!  And still, it keeps. on. snowing!!!

Ahhh!  The crunch underfoot is just so very satisfying.  When I walk about town, I generally walk in the road – in the snowy part, not the tire ruts, so I don’t slip and fall – but sometimes on Sixth Street I walk on the sidewalk.  When I get to a corner, I can’t tell for sure where the curbs are, so I just step and sink.  And smile.  And squeal with glee.


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