Day 6 – in which I experience great joy


This was the day I had set aside to do some serious writing and walking and thinking.  I had had a hard time getting “into” my rhythm for such stuff, partly because I was putting things off, and partly because some aspects of our trip had not gone as I had expected, and adapting to change is still a challenging task for me.  I had determined that Thursday (the last day for the guys to ski) was really going to be my day, and I was really going to accomplish my most important goals.  Time was clearly running out; Friday was forecast to be very snowy – good for watching and walking, but actually not good for skiing – so the guys were likely to be home that day, and then we’d be leaving early Saturday morning.  I was all systems go for solitude and productivity on Thursday.

I did have to make one more grocery run; Scott needed contact lens stuff, the boys wanted more Juicy Juice, and there were a few other odds and ends to obtain, including strawberries cheaper than they are at Wal-Mart at home!  (Go figure.)

I was back home by 10:30, and my plan was to work and then take a short walk – probably just around a block or two – every hour.  That would be good for me both physically and emotionally, and the combination of quaint historic houses and breathtaking natural scenery in Georgetown just can’t be beat.  My reward for following my plan was that at 1:45 PM I would walk down to the visitor center and watch the video about the history of skiing in Colorado.  I always enjoy the Georgetown visitor center, and when I was in in there a few days ago to get postcards, the lady there said that they had just gotten a new video that was really interesting.

So everything rocked along really well.  I did some reading, worked on a writing project, ate some fruit, walked every hour, and did some blogging.  I know that relatively few people read my blog and I am fine with that.  I blog for me, because it’s fun, and because I like to document the wild and wonderful (and sometimes difficult and painful) stuff that happens with our family.  It’s recreation for me.   = )  At 1:45 PM, I was a few minutes away from completing a blog post, so I kept going, knowing that I had allowed enough margin to walk to the visitor center and back, see the skiing video, and still have plenty of time to leave by 4:10 PM to go shuttle the guys home.

At 2 PM, my phone rang.  It was a close friend who has had some major difficulties lately.  Honestly, had it been anyone other than a family member or this friend, I wouldn’t have answered the phone.  I had told her she could call me any time (and I meant exactly what I said), so for her to call when she knew we were on vacation meant that it was pretty important.

I took the call, and she mainly needed someone who understood and was willing to listen while she talked through some situations and questions.  I listened for a few minutes, pacing around the house, and then it occurred to me that I could probably walk to the visitor center and keep listening.  I was wearing what I wore every day in Georgetown:  jeans and a tank top with a hoodie over. (I have two very nice, very warm PCH hoodies and I wear them proudly a lot!)  On vacation, you could have seen me modeling my fairly serious navy PHC hoodie, or my more fun-loving lime green PHC hoodie.  That’s it!  I traveled light – at least in the clothing department.  = )

The thing about Georgetown is that it is frequently windy there.  In fact, there’s a sign on I-70 in front of the town that warns of gusty winds being likely for the next two miles.  This seems to be true year-round, I think because of the shape and length of the Clear Creek valley in which Georgetown is situated.  In winter, in means that even on a relatively warm (40+ degrees), sunny day, it still feels kind of cold because of the wind.  Holding phone to ear, I set out walking down Main Street (a charming little dirt road), and went a couple blocks before realizing that although it wasn’t really cold enough to need my coat, it was too cold for just the hoodie, and besides that, I needed my ear muffs.  I have this thing about cold air blowing into my ears.  I can’t stand it, so even at home, I end up wearing ear muffs farther into spring than most people do.

Back at the house, with my friend still talking, I figured out that there was not way to layer up more without hanging up, which I wasn’t about to do, so I just walked around the house, listening and commenting occasionally.  It was really a God-conversation.  I understood what she was dealing with, having been there myself, and I was able to answer her questions from  personal experience, as well as from the Bible.  She had some clearer direction, and I could tell that she was encouraged.  That was really exciting and energizing to me!  I felt like I was making a difference.

We talked for nearly an hour and-a-half, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to walk to the visitor center and see the video before picking up the skiers, so I loaded up all I’d need (coat, ear muffs, belt bag, water – in the winter, one NEVER heads to the slopes without those items, even if it’s 65 and sunny in Georgetown!), drove to the visitor center, watched the video which was great, and went to retrieve my favorite menfolk.

I arrived promptly at the stroke of 4:30, but it being their final day to ski, Scott was in his “buy-everyone-a-Loveland-T-shirt” mode, so added to the usual trips down and back up the steps to haul all the gear, there were more trips in and out of the gift shop with questions of style, color, and size.  We appreciate Scott’s generosity in this matter, and we smile throughout the process, which is never at all efficient, but which usually results in meaningfully memorable attire that is treasured through the years.

White Chili was in the crockpot at home and after showering and vegging for a while, it was heartily enjoyed by all.  That night, Josiah used the Scarne card book to teach us how to play poker.  We didn’t have any chips, and there weren’t enough Skittles in the house, so we used the copper, silver, and gold Dominion cards as “money.”  I was willing to play and did so cheerfully, but frankly, I just don’t get the appeal of that game.  I won, but I still didn’t really care for it.  That’s okay, though, because we all played together and it was fun.

The next day, there was an 80% chance of snow, and we were looking forward to staying home, resting, relaxing, and watching it snow.  Well, I was looking forward to walking in the snow.  Maria had her “Favorite Things,” and walking in the snow is one of mine!  We were not looking forward to packing up, but that would obviously also have to be done on Friday.

It had been a joyful day, and I fell asleep wondering when the snow would start.



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