Day 4 – in which I relax with Josiah


Josiah announced first thing that he was not going to ski in the morning.  He would wait and go later, if at all.  This news was not met with especial pleasure by the Skink, but to his credit, he handled his disappointment graciously.  Josiah intended to sleep for a while, but Scott realized that in order to use the discount ticket, which would have to be purchased upon arrival at the slopes, both people had to be present.  Hence, Josiah would need to go with us in the morning and present himself.  Once the ticket was bought, he and I could come back home.

And that is exactly what we did, but on the way home, we conducted a little experiment.  It’s downhill all the way from Loveland to Georgetown, so I decided to see if we could coast the entire way.  Traffic was extremely light at that time of the morning.  I got onto I-70 eastbound at about 55 mph, let off the gas, and did not touch it again till we stopped in Georgetown.  I also did not use the brake (or downshift) until the steep mile or so just above Georgetown.  The speed limit is 65 mph, and my speed varied between 55 and 72 mph, but I proved that it can be done.  You really can coast from Loveland to Georgetown!  Amazing!!!

Back at the house, Josiah and I had fun playing a delightful couple games of Dominion (with vaporizer on table), talking, listening to all the things we couldn’t hear, and not bothering.

I took him up to Loveland after lunch and spent some time reading writing, and walking about town.  I retrieved the guys at 4:30 PM, and we had a crockpot dinner of 15-bean soup, which was exceptionally well received.



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