Day 3 – in which we drive to the end of the road


Josiah was slightly more alive this morning, but not much.  It seems to be a good thing they chose not to ski today.

Scott and I went back down to Idaho Springs to get a few odd items at the grocery.  These included, among other things, a $3.50 bottle of International Delight coffee creamer for Andrew and an ice pack for Scott.  While in town, we also bought ten more gallons of gas an got another BOGO lift ticket pass.  = )

The boys hung around and listened to music and talked and went to the corner candy shop to stock up on essentials.

When we got home, we unloaded groceries and then took our traditional drive up Guanella Pass Road.  Yay!  It was lovely and memorable as always, and we went up to the turn-around at 8.2 miles, where the road is always closed in the winter.  We climbed up over the snow heap there and looked up toward the continuation of the road, which is under several beautiful feet of snow.  The guys had a snowball fight, and it was fun.  I do have a bucket list goal to drive the entire length of Guanella Pass Road.  Every winter, the road is closed, and when we were there in the summer, it was under construction and closed.  We drove back down in waning light, and I sighed with pleasure.

Supper that night was chili and fruit, and more Dominion was played.  The first game was fun, but the second game went on forever, and every time the witch was played, Josiah said, in a deep monotone, “What do you know about that?”

We stayed up too late and planned to leave for Loveland at 8:15 the next morning.


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