Cooking the carpet

One half of the playroom carpet has been draped rather unceremoniously over all the JUNK out in the shop for about a week.  Yesterday, the forecast was for warmth (40s) and sun, so Scott decided it was time to cook the carpet.

Katie and Josiah are both back in Virginia, and Andrew was gone cleaning most of the day, so it fell to the two of us to figure out what to do to get the carpet dry—and then to do it.  It went something like this.

Scott wanted to put the carpet out on Shane’s flatbed trailer, which still lives here and probably will until the hot tub is moved to the Rendezvous.  There are no pictures or video of Scott worming his way under all the tables to the far side, the two of us rolling the carpet up like a scroll and sliding it out onto the trailer—which Scott had hooked to the Durango and backed up to within a foot of the shop door.  There is also no documentation of us unrolling it and draping it over the sides, or of my singularly brilliant idea to use two old, cushion-less patio chair frames to prop the flopping sides up to get them out of the shadows.

However, by evening (and after Scott had re-positioned the trailer several times to keep it in the sun) most of the carpet was just about dry.  That is, on top.  The rubber backing was still damp in places.  Then, what to do over night?  The next day (today) was expected to be sunny again, but the trailer was too large to fit neatly into any empty building we have on site, and I didn’t want the next morning’s dew to un-do (nice pun, eh?) all our hard drying work.

Again, in a moment of sheer inspiration, I suggested we cover it with the large (massive, gargantuan) tarp and weight it down with rocks.  By flashlight last evening, Andrew and I did just that, and all is well.

Moral of the story:  Carpet can be cooked to total dryness with sunlight and wind.


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