Nice colors

November tends to be one of our rainier months.  Although I’m not much on using an umbrella, when I have to walk some distance out in the rain, or when I know I might need to help cover someone else (older folks at church, for example), I like to have a nice, big one.  We do have such an animal – an enormous, non-collapsible model that is black-and-white striped and has two layers of flaps.  It’s just perfect.

However, several hundred people work at the same company Scott does, and that means that the parking lot is huge.  Since, as a contractor, he doesn’t work fixed hours, I suspect he sometimes arrives on the late end of the morning rush, and so may have a rather significant walk to the building.  That’s why he takes “the” umbrella on rainy days.  It usually doesn’t matter, because I’m either home or parked pretty close to where I’m going, and we do own a back-up; a collapsible navy blue umbrella with one slightly bent spoke.  In ideal conditions, it keeps one person marginally dry.

I have been thinking for several weeks that it would be nice to get a second really good umbrella, and the other day I was in Wal-Mart and finally remembered to look for one.  I knew I did NOT want a small, cheap, or collapsible one.  I actually wanted one just like our big black-and-white, but maybe in a different color.  I like bright colors, so I was really jazzed to find that (A) Wal-Mart did, in fact, carry the same kind of huge, sturdy umbrella, and (B) they had one – and only one – in bright multi-colors!!!  It looked like a rainbow.  What a score!!!  I grabbed that umbrella, paid for it, and came home feeling like a victorious conqueror.  Yee hah.

This morning it was raining when Scott left for work.  We were both trying to leave at the same time, and he initially grabbed the black-and-white (zebra), but then went back into the house for something.  I therefore took the new, colorful (rainbow) one, and Andrew and I left to go help with some things at the church, as is our Thursday morning custom.

On the way, Andrew broke to me the real scoop about the politically correct nature of my treasured new umbrella.  I had not thought a lick about this, but listening to him, I did suddenly recall that rainbows are now a symbol for homosexuality.  Sweet Georgia Peaches.  I think of rainbows as meteorological phenomena that represent God’s faithfulness!  I am certainly no supporters of the gay lifestyle, but I now have a MASSIVE rainbow-colored umbrella, and I’m pretty sure no other members of Team Roberts will be begging to carry it. Sigh.

Evidently the rainbow umbrella gave Pastor Barb pause when she saw me bring it into the church this morning, although she said nothing at time.  Then Andrew then made some comment about “my mom’s gay umbrella,” and we all talked about it a bit and laughed.  (She did tell me that she knows I’m not a lesbian!)  The whole thing made me sad, but I decided I needed to make a decision, and my choice is this:  I will hold my rainbow umbrella high and let people think what they want.  I know the truth, and in spite of our culture’s continued slide down an increasingly slippery multi-colored slope, these colors make me smile.


1 Response to “Nice colors”

  1. 1 Katie November 21, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    I agree! A rainbow is God’s promise not to destroy the world in a flood. It seems fitting to use a rainbow to keep you from being washed away in one. 🙂

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