Putting on the full armor

I walk in the mornings and now that the weather is colder (16 degrees this morning, 11 yesterday), the process of garbing myself to go out almost requires a checklist.

Two major factors necessitate all the prep.  1)  I hate to wear a coat or gloves when I walk.  2)  I don’t deal well with cold wind.

Therefore, this is the current procedure most mornings.

1.  Get dressed in sweat pants, T-shirt and sweatshirt, socks and tennis shoes.

2.  Check thermometer (if I can see it; sometimes it’s too dark) for temp and weather.com for wind speed.  (This may determine whether or not I need the scarf or possibly even a coat – ugh.)

3.  Lotion hands; pull on wrist warmers.

4.  Tuck turtleneck dicky into sweatshirt to keep neck warm.

5.  Put on knit cap (no heat loss through THIS head!).

6.  Apply ear muffs over cap.

7.  Wrap scarf tightly around chin up to lower lip, with ends criss-crossed over chest.

8.  Put on and zip up neon vest (the only time I can get away with wearing yellow; also helps hold scarf in place).

9.  Pull floppy (olive drab) hat down tightly over knit cap (keeps sun out of eyes when applicable and is simply my trademark walking hat; can’t leave home without it).

10.  Affix headlamp over floppy hat (used mainly to make me more visible to oncoming traffic; also useful for reviewing memory verse cards in the dark).

11.  Grab memory verse cards and outgoing mail; pull down sweatshirt sleeves and grasp cuffs to completely cover hands.

12.  Hit the shoulder!

It takes a few minutes to get my act together, but once I do, I am generally warm and visible while walking.  Right now, it’s light enough that I only have to use my headlamp before 7:00, and then only intermittently, but I know the time is coming when I’ll be doing the full walk in the dark.  I’m not complaining, though.  I do really love my morning walks.


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