Too many bellies?

The burnt orange carpet on our stairs, which was here when we bought the house seventeen years ago, is now seventeen years older and seventeen years more worn than it was then.  I have noticed its deterioration, but it’s one of those things that I try not to think about, hoping it will somehow resolve itself.

There’s a place on about step six that has been getting thinner and thinner, and a couple days ago it finally broke through.  The carpet is essentially ripped on the edge of the stair, and wood is showing through.  It’s fairly unsightly and embarrassing.  And we have dinner guests on Sunday.  Sigh.

Through the years, those stairs have endured tens of thousands of footfalls, jumps, skips, scoots, and thundering thumps on those stairs.  And slides.

When the kids were little, they delighted in sliding down the stairs on their bellies.  There’s just a special connection between carpeted stairs and kids of a certain age.  Even guest kids do it, initially when their parents aren’t looking, and later when they are.  Parents actually take a kind of innocent pleasure in watching their offspring get carpet burns on their belly buttons.

There is no way to calculate the number of belly runs that have been made on our stairs, but it’s got to be in the hundreds.  They were also known to slide down on sleeping bags.  Either way, it seems like it would be a really bumpy ride.  After all, there are STAIRS under that carpet.  Maybe that’s why our kids are so tough and resilient.

Maybe we just need to get the carpet replaced.


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