So much for evenings only

I have seen quite a few raccoons dead on the side of the road in the past couple weeks.  It’s that time of year when mammals are out and about for good reasons, but that also means it’s the time of year when, sadly, the vehicles usually win over (or run over) the animals.

As we came down the hill on 160 returning home from choir practice about 9:00 last night, I must’ve blinked or something.  (The average person blinks about every four seconds when awake, or about 16,000 times a day.)  Andrew suddenly called out, “Turn on your brights.  Did you see THAT?!?”  No, I obviously had not seen whatever it was, but he said a deer had run across the road in front of us (right to left somewhere near Melody’s house).  Evidently it was quite a bit in front of us, outside the range of our regular beam headlights.

We talked a moment about why deer tend to be out in the evening and why we’re more likely to encounter them at this time of year.  I also made a mental note to use my high beams at night on Hwy 160.

This morning, we left the house at 8:32 to take Andrew to VE.  It was daylight.  No headlights were on.  Before we even got to 176, a buck ran across the road from left to right, very close to the car.  I’d say he was probably only about 30 feet away.  He was quite large, and Andrew said, “Thank you, God, for protecting us!”  Then to me, “He was pretty big.  If we had hit him, it would’ve been bad.  Well, with this big SUV, it would have been OK, but the deer, maybe not.  It’s a good thing we didn’t hit him.”  Amen.

Notes to self:  Watch for deer on 160 at all times crepuscular.  Probably not a good idea to tell J.R. we saw a big buck only 1/4 mile from our house in broad daylight.  Consider wearing a neon vest when going to the creek for the next couple months.




1 Response to “So much for evenings only”

  1. 1 Katie October 20, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    Crepuscular? That is one of those words on one’s fourth grade spelling list, that when you ask the judge to use it in a sentence s/he would probably say “ahhh…” I am so impressed that you managed to use it!

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