They remind me of Bird’s Nest Cookies

There’s a lot of road work going on around here these days.  In fact, right now, “they” are (I think) re-paving our local stretch of 160.

The signs, of both the orange diamond (stating various chiropractic messages – largely about shoulders and things uneven), and light-up (currently advising “ASPHALT PAVING AHEAD; USE CAUTION,”) persuasions have been up for weeks, but today I found myself in the thick of it all for the first time.

I had to drive Andrew up to the gas station to be picked up for his cleaning job.  I pulled out of the driveway, as always, turned right and applied pedal to metal.  Just a quarter mile from home, near where 176 turns up the hill, we were stopped by some traffic cones across our lane and a highway lady with a stop/slow sign.  We stopped and waited while the pilot truck led a long line of cars past us eastbound.  Then The Lady gave us the go-ahead and we went.  No big deal, but it did occur to me that I was probably not supposed to be driving along there not behind a pilot truck.  I guess we pulled out of our driveway in an unauthorized manner.

Coming back home was a bit different.  At 176, traffic eastbound on 160 was stopped and lined up at The Lady.  After three minutes, the pilot truck came around and led us on our way.  Because I will need to go east to church later today and I wanted to see how much earlier than usual I would need to leave home to compensate for the road work delays, I decided to do an experimental church run while I had some time.

We stayed in the right-hand lane all the way up to F, as the left-hand lane was being re-paved and steam rolled.  The paving of that left-hand lane started up at F and continued down and around the curves all the way to the far side of the Bull Creek bridge.  At that point, over in front of Walkers’, there was a lot of activity, machinery, and mess.

I did drive on up to the church, and coming back home I was again stopped (up at F) for about three minutes.  Then we followed the pilot truck down in the left-hand (unpaved) lane, the same lane in which I had driven up a few minutes earlier.  As I crossed the bridge, however, I detected a couple of potential problems:  (1) The shoulder of the bridge (upon which I walk every morning) was coated in what appeared to be sticky black oil.  This could be messy on the shoes, not to mention the carpet!  And (2), that same oil appeared to cover the shoulder all the way to (and across the foot of the driveway of) our house!  Hmmm. . . this could be interesting.

All we drivers were behaving ourselves, driving slowly along in the left lane, and I’m sure all the rest of the folks in line were headed up to Hwy 65.  But I was going home, and unlike the rest of them, I would be turning right into my driveway.  So I put on my turn signal WELL in advance, and when we got to my house, I grimaced at the oil, and turned and drove across it.

The tires felt and sounded funny, but I wasn’t too concerned till I got out of the truck and looked at them.  Would you like to guess what happens when you coat your tires in sticky black oil and then run them onto a gravel driveway covered with dried grass, leaves, and twigs?  Well, it’s the same effect we achieve at Christmas time when we dip the Bird’s Nest Cookies in egg white and then roll them in coconut.  My tires are COMPLETELY graveled!  I am hoping that the gravel will fall off when I drive on pavement to church later.  If not, I am sure I’m going to get an earful from our Vehicular Fashion Consultant!


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