A week or so ago, there was a storm, and a huge limb from the life tree broke off and landed partially in Coffee Road.  Someone (Scott?  Andrew?  a neighbor?) dragged it out of the road, such that it’s lying in our yard at the very edge.  It’s way too big to drag to the burn pile, so it will have to be chopped up first, and that will require some equipment we don’t have.  We’re kind of known for not rushing into things like that, so, since it’s out of the road, I’m fine to leave it for a while.  I think Andrew may actually be glad, because it covers enough of the yard that the area he has to mow is somewhat reduced.

This morning, I was out walking early.  I had gotten up 30 minutes earlier, because yesterday, when I started walking around 7:00 AM, MoDOT was out in force.  Traffic was one-lane only from Casa de Luz toward the east.  There were all kinds of signs up and cones and a flag man and a pilot car (truck) to be followed.  This meant that while up to 20 cars stopped in front of our house and waited their turn, I, in my neon yellow vest, walked back and forth on the shoulder.  It was a little awkward.  It doesn’t bother me at all to walk while cars zing by, but to keep walking back and forth past the highway department workers and all those stopped cars was for some reason rather embarrassing.  Thinking I never wanted to go through that again, and realizing that the work on 160 (although it’s quite a lot of miles of 160) is expected to be completed in a couple MONTHS, I asked one of the guys if they would be starting at 7:00 AM every day, and he said, “I dunno.  I guess so.”  That’s why I hit the pavement a half hour earlier today, and then there was NO construction work anywhere around our house all day!

Anyway, on my final lap back toward the house, I saw Scott come home and drive the Honda up to the shop.  I didn’t know why he did that – still don’t – but drive it to the shop he did.  That was about 7:00 AM.

Around 2:00 PM, I looked out the back window and saw some limbs across the driveway back by the sandbox.  I hadn’t seen them before, but I figured some limb had fallen or something and I just hadn’t noticed it.  No big deal.  In a day or so, I’d ask Andrew to go out and drag it to the burn pile.

At 5:35 PM, Andrew called to me.  “Hey, Mom, look out back!”  I did, and I saw Scott in the back yard, walking around back by that limb.  Or was it limbs?  Or was it a tree?  Or trees?  What the heck WAS it?!?

I looked more closely.  It appeared that a very large limb had fallen down across the driveway back there.  It was on the far side of the sandbox, and it was big – really big.  I got my shoes on and walked out there.  Scott was back near the toyport (under which is parked the camper), and I called out to him, “Can’t go camping this weekend!”  It was a joke; we just went last weekend.  I was just pointing out the obvious fact that there was no way to pull the camper out of the toyport with all that leafage in the way.

I still didn’t have a good grasp of what had happened, but Scott had evidently pieced the mystery together.  A large tree across the ditch at on the hillside at Tanyous’ had evidently fallen over.  On its way down, it hit another tree, catching a large branch and pulling either that branch or the whole tree (I didn’t examine it closely) down.  The combo of tree(s) and limb(s) came down between the old garage and the lawn building and onto the roof of the lawn building.  There’s quite a lot of tree atop the lawn building, but Scott said he looked inside and he doesn’t think the building is damaged.  You can see across the ditch where the whole tree came out of the ground, and the top end of that tree sticks all the way across our driveway and I believe out past the sandbox.  Big tree!

We were getting ready for church, so I didn’t stay out there long and I hadn’t taken my camera.  It’s dark now, but tomorrow, I will get some pictures.  The whole thing is  – ahem – quite impressive.  What’s amazing to me is that A) it seems that there’s no major damage to any significant structures – I’m so glad it was the lawn building and not our house!, and that B) the tree fell over sometime between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM on a clear, sunny day with no wind, and we never even heard it!  Now, we were gone from 8:20 AM to 9:15 AM, so maybe it fell then, but still – on a nice day with no inclement weather and not even a notable breeze?!?

As Scott and I walked back to the house, he motioned to the life tree branch by the road and said, “I just borrowed a chain saw to deal with that one, but that one looks like a twig compared to this!”

Never a dull day in Walnut Shade.


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