A show not to see

I could elaborate, but it’s late, so I just want to get the word out:   Do NOT see “The Adventures of Marco Polo” at the White House theater in Branson.  Certainly don’t spend any money to see it.

Well, I suppose you could see it, but if and only if you. . .

1.  are seriously into group dancing of the major pageantry persuasion

2.  don’t care if a show has no plot or direction

3.  are fine with a show in which no one says anything

4.  don’t mind a little witchcraft and mysticism thrown in

5.  are not bothered by poor writing

6.  subscribe to the view that all religions are created equal

7.  are not easily bored

Thankfully, we went on area appreciation at $5 a pop, so when intermission FINALLY arrived and we were able to make our exit, we didn’t have any huge regrets.

Through the years, we’ve seen several shows in Branson, and some were definitely much better than others, but this one was far and away the worst.  I think it’s probably because we didn’t know what to expect and didn’t realize were were going to a show that was just a series of variously choreographed and elaborately costumed oriental dance routines.  Had we realized that, we would have simply stayed home and done something more fun with our evening.


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