Free to good home

A man just came to the door and asked about the LG microwave box that’s out at the street for pickup with all the other trash tomorrow.  Actually, I’ve been a bit concerned that our trash service might not be willing to take the old microwave, and then what would we do with it?  This guy was. . . well, rough looking – enough so that I called Andrew to go to the door with me.  He said he’d seen our microwave box at the street and was wondering if we had gotten rid of the old one.  I told him we were because it didn’t work and that it was in the box.  He reckoned that even though it didn’t work, he could probably still use it for parts, and I told him he was welcome to it!

I think it’s nice that even in its death, the 24+ year-old Kenmore will be useful to someone.


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