It’s really a racket

When Katie and I went over to PHC to see Josiah, we spent a few minutes playing ping pong and a few more minutes analyzing the physics of the air hockey table, but then we went downstairs to play  something I had never played in my entire life:  racquetball!

We didn’t keep score.  We just hit the ball around, but it was really fun.  The idea that you can hit the ball off any of five different surfaces AND the knowledge that you never have to chase a lost ball are both huge positives.

I think I could actually learn to play the game if I never had to serve.  The problem with serving is that I tend to want to stand there and glory in the fact that I actually executed a legal serve, but instead, what I must do (but always forget to do) is to move to a different part of the court immediately after serving.  Failure to make this move has two results, neither of them desirable:  1) I miss the ball when it comes zinging back on the far side of the court, or 2) I get slammed by the ball as it comes zinging back toward my head.

I also like the sound the ball makes as it hits the various surfaces with various amounts of force.  Very satisfying, those noises.  And finally, being able to run around and sweat in air-conditioned comfort is a wonderful thing.

Racquetball, you are OK by me.



1 Response to “It’s really a racket”

  1. 1 servantofthesecretfire September 8, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    “Serve, then run back!” is somewhat akin to “Threes are wild! Threes are wild! If you have a three, it’s wild, wild!”

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