It’s been a Katie kind of day

God’s never-ending mercy has been extended my way yet again. 

With our TTC team here, they are using the Durango for a couple days.  Scott is driving the Honda, we gave away the white Toyota, and that leaves me driving Reno.  At the end of July.  In Missouri.  With no air.  Right now, Reno also has shot brakes (a casualty of much stopping and starting while driving some 1000 miles for Jimmy John’s in recent weeks), a decided lack of power steering fluid (technically, that would be Dexron transmission fluid, which I bought today and will add to the reservoir when the rain stops), and an odd scraping sound that I can’t yet pinpoint as being mechanical or engine-related, BUT he is still quite drivable – and still quite clean!!! – and I am thankful.

I have kind of been dreading the lack of A/C for a couple days, but since Josiah drove Reno for two or three weeks in 95+ degree weather for a variety of three-hour or ten-hour shifts and managed to survive, I figured I could surely make it for two days.  He used a pot of water and a piece of cloth to keep cool, and I was prepared to do likewise, but this morning, when I headed out in Reno for the first time, the temp outside was 65 degrees!!!  It’s July 26 in Missouri, for crying out loud!  All day, it’s been raining lightly, and I don’t think the thermometer ever went above 70 degrees.  (I just looked out the window, and it’s still raining – has been for at least six hours – and the temp is 65.)

Only God could and would engineer such a thing, and he has got to be grinning from ear to ear!

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