Funny signs

I like to collect funny signs.  When possible, I take pictures of them, but often they zing by so fast that I can’t do that.  I really need to start typing them up and saving them in a spreadsheet or something.  Katie sent me one that she saw online recently, but I won’t steal her thunder.  I will just say that it was VERY funny to me and made me think of something in the lower level of Grandfather’s Mansion.

Today, I went to McKenna’s farm to get another super sweet (I hope) watermelon and some peaches.  Andrew and I had gone yesterday, but they were closed.  A sign on the door said they were “closed do to family sickness.”  It turns out that their son, who looks to be about my age, had a heart attack!  He’s doing well, had four stents put in, and should be released from the hospital tomorrow, and I did get a watermelon and a few peaches.

As we got back in the car, I looked more closely at the various signs on the front of the building and saw these fun single words:



Inside, Andrew had, with a big smile, pointed out another one to me:  ORKA, $3.00 per pound.

Betcha’ didn’t know you could get killer whales on F Highway, huh?  At an average weight of eight tons, that’s $48,000 each.  Just selling off one of those might cover Mr. McKenna’s cardiac hospitalization. . .

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