Don’t go out the laundry room door

Yesterday afternoon, the internet was spotty, and that would be putting the situation generously.  I had to re-start the router four times, and even then the essential globe light – the one that has to be solid green in order for the internet to work – was either red (absolutely no internet) or rapidly flashing green (internet only for a few seconds in spurts if Scott holds his mouth right).  Result:  much frustration!

In the evening, I did go ask him to please hold his mouth right for an extended period, but even that didn’t help much.

This morning, I went to Wal-Mart.  Although I get tired of going there, I have learned that when a majority of the family is home, and/or when we have guests, one trip to Wal-Mart a week just isn’t enough.  So I went back this morning for another major haul, and then I went to post office to mail a pbs book.  It was Jessica’s physical geography textbook, the one that we didn’t post for over a year because who on earth would ever request it?  The one that weighs a very hefty four pounds, so it’s going to cost a lot to mail it.  Yes, that one.  It was requested less than two days after we posted it.

There was an odd thing about that book posting, though.  Once I got it wrapped and stamped last night, I went ahead and marked it mailed on the pbs website, even though it wouldn’t actually be mailed till This morning.  I usually do that because I tend to forget to mark it mailed if I don’t do so right away.  Then when I checked (with effort) my email this morning, I had a note from pbs that the person I was sending the textbook to had marked it received!!!  But the book was still sitting here on my desk!  Amazing how fast books can travel nowadays.

Anyway, when I got home from Wal-Mart and the post office, Jessica and Courtney were leaving, and I noticed that Scott’s car was also gone.  I asked Jessica if she knew where Scott had gone, and she said he went somewhere to get online.  He works remotely from home, meaning that he needs to be online continually.  I guessed that with out internet problems, he couldn’t get (or more accurately stay) online, so he went somewhere that has wifi, probably the church.

I came in the house and Andrew and I started putting away the groceries.  He then left to work at his part-time cleaning job.  Shortly thereafter, Josiah entered the kitchen, in flannel pajamas (do note that this post is being written in mid-July).  He fixed himself some breakfast and then disappeared into the playroom.  I was busy making chili to use in our Philly Chili Crockpot Dip for group on Sunday night, and once I had that going, I went into the playroom to see if perhaps Jo wanted to play some ping-pong.  The Llama had quite the set-up.  The air was on, and he had the card table and a folding chair in there, with his full computer arrangement set up on the table.  Wires were strung around between various pieces of equipment, and when I got closer, he said he was trying to figure out what was wrong with the internet.

Now, Llamas are highly intelligent creatures.  He showed me a black screen with lots of white numbers on it that apparently revealed how long it was taking the computer to access a certain website, if it tried 100 times for ten seconds each.  Evidently, these numbers showed exactly when it could or could not access the internet.  Pelicans are not quite as intelligent in matters of technology as Llamas, so I just chose to trust him on that point.  He then told me that he had narrowed the problem down to “the wire that goes into router.”  When I suggested that perhaps we should buy a replacement for that wire, he said that no one in our family had the technical know-how to fix it.  Hmmm.

Shortly thereafter, the Llama packed up his stuff and also went to the church (I think that’s where the Skink was) to get on the internet, so he could work on his web hosting issues.

Some hour or so later, the Llama returned and spent a few minutes squatted down in the laundry room.  He then put his computer on the dining room table and invited me to observe his screen.  It was that black one with all the numbers again.  He proudly pointed to the various numbers and said – because I was evidently too ignorant to understand what they showed – that the internet seemed to be working fine now.  Yee hah!

I went out to get the mail and found my tomato plants wilting in the heat, so I gave them a short drink, and in dragging the hose, I saw the router wire coming out the laundry room door and going to some (electrical? phone?) box on the house, the door of which was hanging open.  It seems that if the router sits in the laundry room floor and is connected to whatever it’s connected to out there in this “rigged” manner, our internet works!!!

However, it’s pretty clear that this is not a permanent solution, and I don’t know what will happen if it rains.  I do know that for right now, we will NOT be going out the laundry room door.

(Edited later in the day:  Note that it rained lightly for a little while this afternoon, and I did not go out to check the wire or the box.  The router is still on the laundry room floor, and the fact that I can post this addendum means the internet is still working.)


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