Sweet and spicey

Well, we haven’t caught the ‘coon yet, but we also haven’t seen any evidence of tomato scavenging in the past few days.  Last night I forgot to set the trap, but yesterday morning, I had also dumped the dead apple quarters out of it near the garage and then forgotten to pick them up.  They were gone this morning, so somebody had a little snack.

There was some deal about Jessica’s taxes and she had to go see the accountant yesterday.  Since he lives in Taney County, his email is on my “Taney County” list.  (Never fear; if you live in Taney County and I have your email address, yours is, too.)  I had sent my Live Trap Wanted email to my Taney County list, so when Jessica saw the accountant, he said, “Has your mother caught her ‘coon?”  Pretty funny.  When she said no, he told her that cayenne pepper sprinkled around the plants is a good deer deterrent.

So, this evening, Walnut Shade Mom could be seen baiting her borrowed raccoon trap with marshmallows AND sprinkling cayenne pepper all around her tomatoes and pepper plants.  Somebody evidently likes the pepper plant leaves, as well as the tomato plants fruit.

FACT:  If you sprinkle liberal amounts of cayenne pepper around your tomato plants and then go into the house and eat multiple handfuls of popcorn, your lips will most assuredly be on fire for quite a while.


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