Bionic squirrels

As I walked back toward the house this morning, I heard what sounded like some very soft gunshots – coming from our yard.  Getting closer, I saw Jessica standing near the cellar door with a BB gun.  What could possibly be going on?

It turns out Jessica had seen that the lid was off the smokehouse trash can that holds our birdseed.  It’s a metal can trash with a metal lid, and we keep a brick on top of it.  The bird feeder had been filled several days ago, and I know good and well that Andrew put the brick on the lid; I saw him do it.

So Jessica told me that when she noticed the brick off the lid, and she could see squirrels in the smokehouse, she decided to take action.  She put the lid back on, replaced the brick, and for good measure, added another rock.  Evidently the squirrels had managed to push the brick out of the way, knock the lid off, and have a feast on our $0.60 per pound black oil sunflower seed!  Bionic squirrels, if you ask me!

Ten minutes later, there were four squirrels on top of the can.  I guess they knew there’d be power in numbers.  = )  That’s when Jessica got the BB gun.  Experts marksman that she is, she hit one, scared them all, and I think they held a brief meeting, in which the motion to vamoose carried unanimously.

This afternoon, I saw one squirrel walking around in the smokehouse, but he wasn’t up on the can, and both the brick and rock were still in place.  I’m thinking that to move 10+ pounds of brick and rock, it’s gonna take a whole scurry of squirrels!


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