Making a list and checking it twice

I thought it would be fun to share my personal packing list for an upcoming camping trip.  Note that this is NOT the official “Team Roberts Camping List.”  That one includes all the general camping supplies, food supplies, recreational equipment, etc., and includes about 140 items.  In addition to all THAT, here’s what I myself am bringing:

4 white sox
1 sweatshirt
1 shorts
1 jeans
exercise shorts (sleeping)
4 T-shirts
1 collared shirt
swim suit
swim shorts
Bahama Mama?
head lamp
cell phone charger
cell phone
MP3 player
MP3 player charger
Mighty Bright
toiletries (re-set alarm clock)
med box
red belt bag
2 Kleenex packs
lens cloth
journal & pen
floppy hat w/ headband
8 AA batteries
2 glasses straps
coloring book, colored pencils
field guides
2 dirty clothes bags
clip shades
1 Kleenex pack
DL, credit card, cash
mechanical pencil

Last time I traveled, I did it without making a list.  A few things were forgotten, but we managed OK.  It does take a lot of time to make the list, but it sure reduces my stress level, and that’s important to me!  I decided my peace of mind is worth the extra work on the front end.


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