Jeopardy question: What is three feet square?

Answer:  The size of the hole in Jessica’s bathroom ceiling.

The plumber came, saw the drip, went up to the boys’ bathroom, didn’t see an obvious leak there, went back down, and cut not-very-square hole in the ceiling above Jessica’s toilet.  He found the leak.  It was a problem with the wax ring on the boys’ toilet, which he replaced. All is well and now appears to be dry.

We have been instructed to leave the hole un-patched for at least a week to allow everything to dry out thoroughly.  We are then to position a tall person (in our family, that would be a male; any male will do) on a stepladder in the downstairs bathroom, such that his head is inserted well into the hole and his line of sight is above the level of the ceiling.  He is to be armed with a flashlight in the “on” position.  Another person (of any gender and height) is to be stationed in the upstairs bathroom so as to turn the shower on.  We are to let the shower run for “a while,” during which time the tall male person will closely examine the pipes between the two bathrooms to verify that there is no shower leak.  Should such verification prove impossible, we are to call the plumber back, at which time he will do execute any further necessary repairs.  However, he is “extremely confident” that the toilet leak was the only problem.  He did check the shower (as indicated above) and believes it to be leak-free, but he was not able to provide absolute confirm to that effect because right now everything between the downstairs ceiling and the upstairs floor is all “so wet.”

Meanwhile, we will be hosting a life group here tomorrow night, so we have hired Andrew to clean up the (quite substantial) mess in the downstairs bathroom.   He will do said cleaning tonight, when he returns home from his friend, Riley’s, 24-hour birthday party.

I do not know who Scott will hire when to repair the ceiling.  It will require someone who knows how to hang sheetrock and/or someone who knows how to paint.  Neither of those folks has a last name of Roberts.


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