Constant dripping

I went into Jessica’s bathroom yesterday, and while sitting quietly, heard a very soft, “plip, plip, plip,” sound.  Hmmm. . . ?

Upon standing, I looked around to find the source of that soft, rhythmic noise, and I glanced up.  Of course, there is the spot/buckle/crack in the ceiling above the toilet where something upstairs leaked and gushed down while Krit was visiting a number of years ago.  That time, the paint held the water, and Scott just punctured the resulting “balloon” and released a steam of water straight into Jessica’s toilet.  Nice shot!

But this time, next to the above (what a pun, huh?) damage, there was another oblong bulge that looked like a sedimentary rock shift.  It was maybe four inches by two, but being directionally challenged, I couldn’t feel it to see if it was wet.

I called our Lemur in for that task, and sure enough, it was wet, and water was dripping from it.  It turns out that the Lemur was in the process of cleaning the boys bathroom, which is located strategically directly above Jessica’s.  Some water from that bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) was evidently leaking – and had been leaking strongly enough or long enough to penetrate the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom.

We had guests at the time, our wonderful friends, Rick and Colleen, from Louisiana.  Scott has called our equally good friends at R & H Plumbing, and they will be out today.

The sad thing is that we just had the boys bathroom gutted and re-done from studs up 17 months ago.  Will it have to be torn apart again?  Will Jessica’s be torn apart, too?  Our next set of guests arrives in ten days. How many people really can share the attic bathroom. . . ?


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