Ya’ gotta’ have a good rotor (whatever that is)

So, when Reno left me stranded in the highway right on front of our house, with cars zipping by in both directions while I prayed not to get hit; and Andrew had to push him back into the driveway, it was the last straw for me.

To that point, I had spent three months maintaining a good attitude about the whole car thing.  I had decided that, no matter what, I would NOT complain, and up till then, although I had joked about some car stuff, I had not whined or grumbled about the situation.  However, on that day, when I had five errands in a row to do, and instead I spent the day at home getting none of them done, my bag was totally and completely over.

I decided that I HAD to do SOMETHING to arrange reliable transportation for myself, so I asked Research Consultant to find out about rental cars in the area.  Her rates are even better than the rates she found me on rental cars in Springfield, and her service is quite speedy.  I would recommend her highly for any fact-finding anyone might ever need.

Of course, after sitting in the rain all day in our driveway, when Scott arrived home to tackle the Reno-won’t-go-no-matter-what-I-do problem, he started right up and ran fine.  It was clearly another mouth hold issue.  However, the next evening (that would be during the 4th? rained out Promise Keepers softball game), we took him to Advanced Automotive, who diagnosed his problem as follows:  “Someone replaced the spark plug wires and distributor cap without replacing the rotor.  We put a new rotor and and although it still hesitates slightly before it’s fully warmed up, we got rid of the stalling.  Amen and Hallelujah!

Thankfully, the mercy of Almighty God persists, and even on the first of June, it’s still not hot enough to HAVE to run the (non-existent) air in that car.  I am a blessed woman!



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