They’re in the ground!

This past Saturday, April 13, just two days before our whopping tax bill was due, I planted my seedlings.

I now have four tomato plants in the side yard barrels (all four are “Big Beef”), six tomato plants in pots on the front walk (one more “Big Beef” and five “Early Girls”) and six red pepper plants also in pots on the front walk.  All of those were started from seed in the attic.  In addition, I have one “salsa pot” that houses three cilantro plants and one jalapeno pepper plant that I bought at Wal Mart.  I still have about half a dozen tomatoes in peat pots on the porch, because I didn’t have enough pots for all of them.  I’m saving them for now, in case any of the others go puny and need to be replaced.

I also bought eighteen assorted marigolds and planted them in various places in the big flower bed and the mailbox bed.

This morning, I resumed my morning watering habit, but I can see that I will need to get up earlier on watering days.  It’s growing season!


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