Notes from today

1.  Andrew is quite a bit taller than me.

2.  Reno has run in the rain without stalling a single time as long as he’s given 30 minutes pre-driving dry-out time.

3.  Wal-Mart only carries pink or purple lunch bags in April.  Neither color is fitting for a sophisticated (male) software design consultant.  The question thus becomes, “Is shabby, frayed, ripped red or blue better or worse than new pink or purple?”

4.  When driving a borrowed car that is brand new, one should be very careful when backing up.

5.  If 12 oz of Bar-S hot dogs (8-count) cost $0.89 and 16 ox of Oscar Meyer hot dogs (10-count) cost $1.88, and you have been instructed to buy “150 cheap hot dogs,” how many packages of which brand should you buy?

6.  When the youth group has worship (music) during the Wednesday night service, we adults can hear the drums in the adult service, and it makes me envious.

7.  Coming home at 8:45 PM on Wednesday to face crusty dishes is not fun.  Oh, how I wish Josiah would do that clean up for me!





1 Response to “Notes from today”

  1. 1 servantofthesecretfire April 10, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    You know what Josiah would say to #3…

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