What should follow a foot washing?

Katie was home this weekend.  The real purpose for the visit was for her to attend a friend’s wedding reception Sunday afternoon in Branson.  We’re really glad Melissa got married, ’cause we got to have 48 hours with Katie!

Thanks to Southwest Airlines, which now flies from Dulles to Branson through Chicago Midway, the airport drives are now only 20 minutes on her end and 25 minutes on ours.  This is truly WONDERFUL!

I think we were quite effective in maximizing our family time.  Between noon on Saturday and noon on Monday, we enjoyed the following activities and foods.

~ Katie made us soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

~ We took a wonderful three-mile bike ride from Shadow Rock Park to Empire Park and back.  We made many wonderful memories on that excursion.  Maybe it deserves its own blog post.  = )

~ Scott grilled a honey/mustard pork tenderloin, plus we had baked potatoes and green beans and Kathy Tedder’s cheesecake for dessert.

~ We played King and Slave, and we won’t talk about who kept ending up where.

~ Ping pong was a major event, both doubles and singles.  We attempted Around the World, but the Pelican was not nimble enough for group success with that one.

~ We went to church, where we heard a challenging sermon on No Fruit, Fruit, More Fruit, and Much Fruit.

~ One child managed to stay upstairs long enough to avoid helping prep for our traditional Sunday lunch salad.

~ Katie went to her wedding reception, Andrew helped clean the Rendezvous, and I loaded peat moss and potting soil into eight big planters for our tomatoes.  I also moved the seedlings from the attic to the porch for their requisite “hardening off.”  Scott cut up a lot of tiny boards to prop up the planters for drainage.

~ The three of us had red beans, rice, and cornbread for supper; Andrew ate at McDonald’s on the way home from his cleaning job.

~ Katie printed out instructional blurb and taught Scott and me the rudiments of three-handed pinochle, a brain-sweat game that I think has potential.

~ Katie and I snacked on Always Save sour cream and onion potato chips, doing a significant amount of damage to the contents of the bag.  I urged her to take the remnants home, which she did.

~ We all four played Forbidden Island, and we made it off the island!

~ Katie and I worked in the library, culling some fiction, educational, and world history books, some of which will go to the Taneyhills thrift shop, and several more of which were posted to paperbackswap.  Within six hours, six books had been requested.  = )

~ After helping Katie pack up, the three of us walked down to the creek, and a the low part behind Stearns’ house, Katie went wading.  It was cool and refreshing!  However, she didn’t want to put her wet feet back into her shoes, so Andrew and I each dried a foot with our shirts. . . because really, a foot washing should always be followed by a foot drying by people who love you.




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