Cat’s back – drat!

he was gone for three or four days, but now he’s back to showing up every couple days.  This morning, I almost tripped over his noisy self as I tired to get across the porch and down to the mailbox.  He likes to walk right against my ankles and between my legs at every step, a truly maddening habit, if you ask me.

He disappears for two or three days, and I think, “I’m so glad he moved on,” but then he’s back, meowing loudly.  He’s not looking especially skinny, so I’m sure he’s getting fed somewhere.  I still have not bought any cat food, and we are absolutely not feeding him anything.  Actually, I’m guessing that he’s really a brilliant cat.  He probably goes from house to house, surveys the various dinner options, and then picks his favorites.

I bet he has us all fooled into thinking he’s a poor starving stray, while all along he’s laughing at our whole neighborhood’s gullibility!


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