Cat scan?

Just when I’m sure that nothing can surprise me, I hear of some new wild thing.

A week ago, a VERY affectionate cat showed up on our porch.  It (he?) meows a lot, loves to rub against people’s legs, likes to sit on windowsills and look in at us, and is forever trying to get into the house.

For the first five days, I ignored the cat, hoping that it would go away.  My life is full, I don’t want a pet, I don’t want the expense or responsibility of a pet, and I happen to be allergic to cats.  Andrew, of course, passionately loved the cat and wanted to keep it.  To its credit, the cat is very handsome and, as mentioned, very nice, but I did not want a cat.

The cat did not go away.

Its meowing grew louder, more frequent, and more insistent.  I figured it was hungry, but I also knew that if we fed it once, it would NEVER go away.  I held off till the sixth day, but then I caved.  We fed it some tuna, which it scarfed down in no time.

We didn’t have any cat food here, and with four inches of snow on the ground, I was not about to go to town the day after a grocery run just for cat food, so I went online to try to figure out what one should feed a stray cat when one has no cat food.  I read website after website, getting all kinds of ideas of alternative cat foods – BTW, not milk and not tuna! – but something else also turned up over and over again in relation to stray cats.

Before you take a stray cat into your house – which I will NOT be doing – you are supposed to take it to the vet to get it checked out for whatever diseases and problems are common to cats, and while there, the vet should SCAN THE CAT to see if it contains a microchip!!!  Evidently some cat owners have microchips put into their cats with their contact information, etc., so that, should the feline go astray, the finder can take it to a vet for to be scanned and learn how to return it to its owner.

Now, isn’t that totally amazing?!?  And doesn’t it give new meaning to a cat scan?!?

Last night some friends were over, and the cat was very persistent on the exterior living room windowsills while we were talking in the living room.  As they were leaving, one of my friends offered to take the cat with her and drop it “somewhere,” but we couldn’t find the cat.  Too bad, so sad.

So far today (2:00 PM), it has not appeared, so perhaps it has found a new home.  I fervently hope so.  Incidentally, leftover pot roast and potatoes were extremely popular, and hot dogs were much less popular.  The cat has good taste.


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