Moo cow

I was driving to church Wednesday evening, and there on 160, just past the Walnut Shade Baptist Church, there was a cow in the road!

The cow was very much alive, standing with one hoof (cows do have hooves, don’t they?) on the white line.  He or she was contentedly eating grass and did not move so much as a foot as I approached in Reno.

There is a cow pasture there that runs for about a quarter mile between the creek and the road, approaching and around the hairpin turn.  This bovine had clearly exited its pasture, I guess looking for greener grass.  There was probably a break in the fence somewhere.  I swerved into the left lane to give the cow plenty of room, and it didn’t even look up as I went past.

This was clearly unusual, even for Walnut Shade, and I wondered what one should do when one sees a cow in the road.  I don’t know the name of the cow pasture’s owner, and I surely didn’t have his number in my cell, but it seemed that the responsible thing would be to call someone. . . perhaps the sheriff’s non-emergency number?  Didn’t have that one in my phone, either.  (Hmmm. . . I really should look it up and put it in there.)  It seemed that I should call someone in the area and let them know, so I did the most logical thing:  I called LaShell!

I told her there was a cow in the road just past Roxanne’s house, that I felt someone should be notified, that I was on my way to church, and would she be willing to maybe drop by Roaxanne’s and see if she knew what to do.  LaShell is truly a wonderful neighbor, and she said she and Bill would check it out.  Which they did.

She later left me a phone message saying that they had gone to Roxanne’s, who told them that they were the fourth people to tell her there was a cow in the road next door, and law enforcement knew about it and was doing something.

Ah, life in a small community with great neighbors!


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