Doing the math

Of course, money isn’t everything, but in this case, it is definitely something to be considered carefully.

Here’s a little algebra problem.

Let x = the purchase price of a used truck. . . a truck that that you know when you buy it will need tires and brakes “soon.”

Then .125x = the cost of replacing the tires and front brakes 11 weeks after you buy the truck. . . but before that can be done, you learn that your ball joints are shot and dangerous, and the necessary alignment can’t be done till the ball joints are replaced, and on your particular truck (unlike most vehicles) one must pretty much take everything apart to get to the ball joints, and then one must replace not just the ball joints, but the entire ball joint assemblies.

So .1x = the cost of replacing the ball joints and doing the alignment 11 weeks and one day after you buy the truck. . .

And a number that varies between .5x and .9375x is the estimated cost of putting a new engine in your truck, when it throws a rod 12 weeks and three days after you buy the truck.

So the pertinent equations look like this:

x + .125x + .1x + .5x = 1.725x


x + .125x + .1x + .9375x = 2.1625x

Meaning that IF we choose to have the truck repaired (that is, put a different engine in it), we will have spent either 73% of the purchase price (for the cheapest rebuilt engine option) or 117% of the purchase price (for the new-from-the-factory engine option) for repairs.

Or we could try to sell the truck.  The truck that cannot be driven even six inches without extremely expensive repairs.  Yes, that truck.

This is why I am fervently praying for my husband, Our Earner Of Money and Manager of Vehicular Maintenance, to have the wisdom of God!  All blog readers’ prayers to that same end are coveted and sincerely appreciated.



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