Now I have SURELY seen it ALL!

Just in case you HAVEN’T seen it all yet, I invite you to go to this page, and click  Issue / Archives / February 2013.  When you get there, note the little box that says “Intro – Cover1” just below the words “About Us.”  To the right of that box, press the right arrow button several times until “8 – 9” appears in the box.  Then use the zoom button to the far left of that box to make the article big enough for you to read it.

I understand grief.  I respect people’s pain, even when I don’t personally share it.  But, come on now!  Really?  You have GOT to be kidding!!!


1 Response to “Now I have SURELY seen it ALL!”

  1. 1 LexisLogike February 3, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    You have to click “Issues” –> “Current Issue” first.

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