Sent my llama off

I got up at 4:00 AM to leave at 4:30 AM, to get Josiah to the airport by 5:30 AM for his 6:10 AM flight back to Virginia.  Honestly, the guy is just smart and handsome, even before dawn cracks!  Just before security, I did persuade him to let me give him a hug.  I told him I love him, told him I’m proud of him, told him, “Go do it!” and walked away.  It’s the walking away part that’s tough.  I will miss him in the coming months, but as we had cruised past the cell phone lot seven minutes earlier, I did ask him to perform for me his rendering of the inkjet printer noise, which he did with panache, and I laughed.

On a less emotional note, I did have a bit of difficulty parking Da Luo Ban (“dah LO ban” – DLB*), our official name for the Durango, at the airport.  Well, the parking wasn’t difficult; it was getting into the short-term lot that was the problem.

I had intended to drop Jo at the curb, but wanting to inspect the ladies room, I needed to park.  Shouldn’t have been a big deal.  There are two side-by-side entrances to the short-term lot, and I always take the left-hand one.  I’m a creature of habit, you know.  So I pulled up and, with difficulty, pressed the flashing green button.  It was difficult because DLB is such an “up” vehicle.  It’s so high that I had to lean out the window and reach down to get the ticket, but I’m not overburdened with height myself, and my arm was only just barely long enough to let my fingers graze the end of the ticket.  I couldn’t grab it, and I couldn’t lean any farther down, and there wasn’t room to open my door and get out and get it.  Unfortunately, when my fingers grazed the end of the ticket, that shoved the ticket back into its slot, so that I couldn’t possibly grab the thing.  What to do?!?!?

Fortunately, it was 5:20 AM and there was no one behind me, so I rather sloppily backed up and went through the right lane, this time being very careful NOT to push the ticket back into its slot!  For all I know, traffic may still be backed up on that left lane, but I know Jo made his flight, because in the middle of the day I got one of his typically newsy texts:  “At PHC.”

* Da Luo Ban is Chinese for The Big Boss


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