New game

It’s been a game day.

This afternoon, the four of us (my men and me) played “Trailblazer,” the game Katie gave me for Christmas.  We played according to the rules, east to west ans back east again, with the spinner.  I was a little concerned because Josiah dislikes games in which one does not move, and I didn’t know if Andrew’s level of history knowledge would make it difficult for him, but it ended up being a lot of fun!  Katie was not here to beat me, so I won.

Then, after supper, we played a bit of Scattergories, which was also fun.  Josiah had to bow out after one round because he had programming work plus laundry plus packing to do, and Scott won handily.  He had 42 to my 29 and Andrew’s 12.

I had wanted to play ping pong with Josiah, so when he got to a stopping point (or maybe when he created a stopping point?) we hit the ball together for quite a while.  We didn’t keep score, mainly because my $7 paddle simply couldn’t compete with his Killer Spin one.  = )

When Andrew and Scott came in, somebody suggested four square on the ping pong table!  This sounds totally silly, but it ended up being delightful.  It’s played with paddles and standard four square rules, with the exception that you must hit it over the net each time.  There is no scoring and the game can theoretically continue forever, but there was much changing of places and much laughter.  Methinks the game needs a nifty name; perhaps something along the lines of ping square or four pong?


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