“You deserve to burn in hell!”

So said Player A to Player B in our family game of Wizard this evening, when Player B played a card that was highly distasteful to Player A.  At first, we all stared in shock at the audacity of Player A to say such a thing, but, as Player A grinned, we all realized the truth of what had been said.  Of course, the timing of the comment, delivered with such vehemence, made it humorous, but not only was it true of Player B; it was and is true of all of us.

What a great and gracious God we have!

A man who is facing an incredible financial trial, and who, short of God doing a miracle, risks losing everything he and his family own, in order to obey God, said to me about their situation, “In a hundred years, it won’t matter at all.”  I thought, and did not say, “True, but it probably will matter next year.”

I have not had to exercise that kind of faith.

Josiah just walked through, saw the title of this post, and said, “Thank God he doesn’t give us what we deserve.”

Not only does he not give us what we deserve, he gives us way more than we do deserve.  His combo of mercy and grace is overwhelmingly, overpoweringly, incredible – literally.

It’s been a tough day emotionally for me.  Today I was reminded of my “creature-ness,” in that I am going through, and am watching my kids go through, tough situations about which it seems that I can do nothing except pray.  I was told that I’m not omnipotent, I’m not omniscient, and I’m not omnipresent.  Of course, I already knew all that, but it did hit home hard today.  My response was, “Some people get no respect, but I get no omnis.”

I am very glad to be reminded that when I am weak (and feel powerless, scared, and alone), he is strong.  And even though I do deserve to burn in hell, Jesus went there so I don’t have to.


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